Sustainable Winegrowing Practices

Sky Pine Vineyards subscribe to the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing which incorporates Environmentally Sound, Economically Feasible and Socially Equitable principles into grape growing. There is an emphasis on maintaining balanced vines and uniformity throughout the vineyard, using canopy management and monitoring regimines. Soil and nutrient management are constantly monitored with emphasis on the prevention of soil erosion with a no till policy and mow only program of vine row cover crops. Special winterization programs are installed and monitored daily during the rainy season with up to 60 inches of rain during November to April of each year. Large buffers zones along natural drainage areas have been reseeded and planted with trees to prevent siltation and runoff. Water management practices including soil moisture and canopy monitoring has allowed reduced annual irrigation usage by up to 30%, through efficient drip irrigation and fertigation. Pest management emphasizes frequent canopy monitoring for mildew, leafhoppers, and mites, using the minimum chemical intervention rates and products as possible. With leaf removal, shoot positioning, cover cropping and road surface maintenance, disease pressure is kept to a minimum.