BobDog Wines is a grower based winery.

What does that mean?  Well it’s basic.  All great wines start with the vineyard…it’s the grapes.  You cannot make a good wine from bad grapes.  The key is to grow great grapes, and then have the winemaker  build from there.  As a winery, our priority is to handcraft the best grapes from the noble varietals we grow, and combine that treasure with the skills of the artisan wine maker.For more information and to purchase our wines, please visit our winery site at:


In an age of value based wine customers, we have premium wine at affordable prices.

As a premium, boutique winery we offer incredible prices and support services to our  customers.  We can fashion for you a very competitive pricing structure which combines ultra premium quality with “value based” pricing.

BobDog Wines, the highest winery in Sonoma County at 2000 feet, is nestled in the middle of Sky Pine Vineyards, and its 15 acres of red noble grapes, in the Alexander Valley.  The heritage of six national awards will now be focused into a unique estate program with two brands: BobDog Wines at retail price points between $20 and $28 dollars; and Sky Pine Vineyards, with retail price points from $28 and up.

Our grape customers over the years have received national awards and sold their ultra premium blends for up to $45 a bottle.  Our wines are the same quality as in the ultra premium glory days, but at the today’s value based pricing.

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